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HMD, contact, etc.

So. You found my secret dungeon level post. Congrats! This character doesn't wander far from the musebox (or my fanfics) very often, but if you have something you want to say about how I play Connor/Northern Ireland from wherever you found him, go for it!

If you think there's something I could do better, tell me here. Alternatively, I can be found at metalbender pwns on AIM (sometimes invisible), motoko.kusanagi@hotmail.com for MSN (also invisible) or... PM works too.

All comments will be screened, anon enabled, and... I can't remember if IP tracking is on or not. Either way, too lazy to find something to do with IP addresses if it is. :'D


Below is just about every piece of headcanon I have formed through research, rping, trial and error, and other means. Other OC nations that haven't been formally created/fleshed out and are mentioned here, are 99.9% likely to be from the house_of_tsun. So outsiders know who I'm talking about, I'll refer to everyone by country name, except Northern Ireland, who I'll bounce back and forth between using his human name.

Last update: Jan. 31, 2011
[Welp.... Once again, he had found himself roped into another trip south of the border to visit his sister. It was strange how her getting knocked up suddenly had him visiting more in the last nine months than he had between 1970 and 2000. He traveled the familiar roads to her Waterford house. Despite the long drive, it was actually still daylight when arrived. Wide awake, he grabbed his bags from the passenger seat, stuffed his mobile in his pocket, and walked up to the front door. He knocked twice before opening the door to let himself in.]

Brigid? Where are you?

A Heart O' Glass

Title: A Heart O' Glass
Rating: PG
Characters: Northern Ireland (Conchobhar/Connor Finn O'Donnell-Kirkland), Republic of Ireland (Brigid Erin Aien O'Donnell), England (Arthur Kirkland), Scotland (Douglas Allaway), and Wales (Llewellyn Ashe).
Summary: Brigid and her brothers celebrate the Irish Free State a year after its creation, but Conchobhar has a bombshell of his to drop. The countries' perspective on the break of the Irish Free State and Northern Ireland.

Warnings: If you haven’t noticed a pattern… suddenly OCs, EVERYWHERE. Uh… alcoholic mentions/references, hinted sexual activity (not really there, but he assumes it... so blink, and you'll miss it), and… you might want a box of tissues. If you've seen this before, it was probably on my fic comm.

There's no place like home until you refuse to call it so anymoreCollapse )


50 sentences (with footnotes)

1sentence challenge table; theme set Delta, not claimed

Warnings: Use of real person who is still alive, liberal use of headcanon, some language, alcohol references, some historical footnotes... etc.

Ask questions if you have any.

50 Sentences, Northern Ireland style~Collapse )